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Akathist to St Ignatius Brianchaninov

Kontakion 1

Having been chosen by the Heavenly King and glorified by Him, O holy hierarch, Father Ignaty, now celebrating thine all-honorable memory, we zealously pray to thee: guide us on the path of salvation; from enemies visible and invisible, from sorrows and sickness, rescue us who lovingly call to thee:

Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Ikos 1

Archangels and Angels marvel at thy life, O holy hierarch Ignaty, how from a young age thou didst have great zeal for God, and how thou didst conduct thy life according to His commandments without wavering. Startled by thy prudence, with compunction we call out to thee:

Rejoice, having comforted thy sorrowful childless parents with thine own birth.

Rejoice, fine branch of an honorable family.

Rejoice, unceasing joy of thy guardian Angel.

Rejoice, having surprised thy parents and teachers by thy meekness and submissiveness.

Rejoice, having prepared thyself for monastic obedience from childhood.

Rejoice, having compelled thy youthful soul toward God.

Rejoice, having spent thine adolescence in prayer and Godly contemplation.

Rejoice, having been an example of prayer and obedience for thy younger brothers and sisters. Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 2

Thy parents, observing thy great gifts, directed thee to the royal city to be trained for the future acceptance of a military commission. And thou, O chosen one of God, being young in years, yet old in understanding, whilst honoring all of these corruptible and transitory things, didst strive with heart and mind toward the Single Beauty and Indescribable Sweetness- the Lord Jesus Christ, singing to Him: Alleluia!

Ikos 2

Thou didst receive divine reason from thy beloved Savior Christ, O marvelous Ignaty, when, being yet a child, thou didst comprehend the hand of the Heavenly Creator and Fashioner in all the visible forms of this world. Wherefore, glorifying thee, we extol thee thus:

Rejoice, having contemplated the Invisible God in the visible appearances of nature.

Rejoice, having loved the quiet and solitude of the forest.

Rejoice, having had great zeal for God from thy childhood years. Rejoice, having scorned everything beautiful and sweet of this world.

Rejoice, having received a heavenly reward from the Master.

Rejoice, having retained the Jesus prayer unceasingly on thy lips and in thy mind.

Rejoice, having shown perfect love for the Lord. Rejoice, having borne thy beloved Jesus constantly within thy heart. Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 3

Thou wast overshadowed by the power of the Highest, O most blessed father, when thou didst reject all that is considered good in this world, and according to the commandments of Christ the Savior, didst take up the cross, and follow Him without turning back, unceasingly singing in thy heart: Alleluia!

Ikos 3

Having had in thy soul the ardent desire to renounce the world and follow Christ, thou didst fear neither the anger of the Tsar, nor the interdictions of thine elders, and while still living in the world, thou didst adorn thyself with the monastic life. Wherefore, honoring thy manhood and love for the Sweetest Lord Jesus, we bless thee thus:

Rejoice, having shown adamantine hardness of soul in thy youth. Rejoice, having desired the great treasure of weekly communion of the Holy Mysteries of Christ. Rejoice, having now joined Christ in the heavens, for whom thou didst yearn while still on earth. Rejoice, having irrigated the Godly seed, strewn on the good earth of thy heart, with thine abundant tears.

Rejoice, for although in the midst of worldly tares, thou didst bring forth the hundredfold fruit of virtues for the Lord. Rejoice, zealous keeper of purity of soul and body. Rejoice, wonderful adornment of chastity. Rejoice, for thy handsome countenance bore witness to the beauty of thy soul. Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 4

The storm of doubting thoughts did not sway thee, O blessed Ignaty, when, not being afraid of the anger of the Tsar, thou didst refuse a military commission, and taking upon thyself the yoke of Christ and scorning the world with its temptations, thou didst settle in the desert, and there, having acquired the desired peace of thy soul, thou didst sing aloud to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 4

When it was announced in thy homeland, all thy relatives were surprised, that thou, a youth adorned with beauty and gifts, didst withdraw to the desert, having despised the glory of this world and its sweetness. And an Angel in the heavens rejoiced exceedingly and glorified God, having snatched thee from the vain path of the world and having set thee on the narrow path of monastic life, leading to the Heavenly Kingdom. We, too, praising thy holy zeal for God, call to thee:

Rejoice, having preferred the calling of a soldier of the Heavenly King to that of an earthly king.

Rejoice, having fiercely taken up arms against temptations approaching from the world, the flesh, and the devil. Rejoice, having defeated all the machinations of the enemy with the weapon of God, the Cross of Christ. Rejoice, having been vested with the armor of righteousness. Rejoice, having donned the helmet of salvation. Rejoice, having loved the spiritual sword, the word of God, more than any weaponry of mankind.

Rejoice, having guarded thyself from the arrows of the evil one with the shield of faith.

Rejoice, having received the angelic rank of ineffable blessedness in the heavens. Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 5

Thou wast like unto a star, moved by the providence of God, O most reverend Ignaty, when thou didst present thyself to the abbot of a poor and remote monastery, requesting to be received into the ranks of the brethren. And the Abbot, having examined thee, saying nothing in opposition, blessed thee at the outset of thy monastic path. And thou, having attained the realization of thy life-long hopes, and having given thanks, in compunction didst glorify God thy Benefactor: Alleluia!

Ikos 5

All the brothers of the monastery were surprised, witnessing thy great zeal in the fulfillment of obedience, by which thy spiritual father tested thy humility. And, we, honoring thy podvigs and labors, which thou didst take up in thy youth voluntarily for Christ’s sake, cry to thee with compunction:

Rejoice, having lifted thy cross upon thy shoulders and having followed Christ.

Rejoice, having voluntarily selected the narrow and sorrowful path of monastic life.

Rejoice, having never turned back.

Rejoice, having overcome the spirit of pride with thy humility.

Rejoice, not having buried thy talent in the earth.

Rejoice, having used it for the glory of God and for the salvation of the souls of men.

Rejoice, having revived many souls, soiled in sins, with thy divinely wise writings.

Rejoice, having heard the sweet voice of the Heavenly Husbandman: "Good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of thy Lord".

Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 6

By humility, fasting, and, most of all, unceasing prayer, thou didst fiercely take up arms against the fleshly passions, O holy hierarch, until thou didst subjugate the flesh to thy spirit, wherefore thou dost now appear with the choirs of Angels before the Throne of the Most Holy Trinity, continually praising God: Alleluia!

Ikos 6

The Grace of God within thee shone abundantly, when, having accepted the angelic rank, thou wast soon honored with the dignity of the priesthood. And thy spirit, having been accepted into the embrace of the Father that was opened to thee, tasted unutterable blessings. And when the Lord selected thee to be the abbot of the monastery of Pelshemsk, day and night thou didst weep over thy spiritual sheep, entrusted to thee by God, so that not a single one of them would perish for the sake of thy negligence. Rejoicing over this Divine providence, we call to thee:

Rejoice, having beheld the consummation of thy hopes in the acceptance of the angelic rank.

Rejoice, having imitated Hieromartyr Ignatius the God-bearer, thy heavenly protector.

Rejoice, having borne the Lord Jesus Christ in thy heart constantly, as he did.

Rejoice, having received the dignity of the priesthood as a great gift of God.

Rejoice, having been the namesake of fire, and having enflamed others with the fire of faith and love toward God and neighbor.

Rejoice, having offered the Bloodless Sacrifice with great reverence and fear.

Rejoice, having reverently honored the Most Undefiled Mother of Christ our God as the Most Pure, Holy Dwelling-Place and Treasury of God’s Glory.

Rejoice, having raised the well-adorned temple named for her, the Merciful Gatekeeper, in the habitation.

Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 7

The Lord Who loves mankind, not wanting to cover a holy lamp of thy virtues, but rather to illumine all, that all men should glorify the Heavenly Father, seeing thee, led thee out from the desert dwelling for laborious obedience. Marveling at this providence by God, with compunction we call out: Alleluia!

Ikos 7

The Lord gave thee to the new monastery of the venerable Sergius near the royal city, as the superior and good shepherd, tirelessly caring for thy spiritual flock and being an ardent advocate for the beauty of the habitation. Wherefore thy brotherhood glorifies thee, calling out:

Rejoice having imitated the Heavenly Protector of thy habitation, the venerable Sergius, abbot of Radonezh.

Rejoice, having beautified it with marvelous churches and buildings.

Rejoice, having led thy children as a loving father along the path of salvation to the Heavenly Kingdom.

Rejoice, having accepted those thirsting to start the monastic path into the habitation with love.

Rejoice, having led guilty monks to tearful repentance with thine admonitions.

Rejoice, having given to all brothers an example of monastic podvigs by thy disposition and life as a good pastor.

Rejoice, having been prepared to sacrifice thine own soul for their salvation.

Rejoice, glory and praise of monastics.

Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 8

Thou wast a newcomer and wanderer on earth, O holy hierarch, as other men. However, from thy youth, the Lord chose thee, as His God-pleaser; for with thy life and God-inspired writings thou didst serve the Lord diligently. And we send up praise to God thy Benefactor, crying out to Him: Alleluia!

Ikos 8

Having perfected all of the virtues, thou wast truly an angel in the flesh, O holy hierarch Ignaty, receiving with love all who fled to thee, consoling their sorrows, directing them to the path of repentance, and teaching them constant prayer and heartfelt tears. Wherefore both the rich and poor, the noble and common people, thy spiritual offspring, call to thee:

Rejoice, O new Chrysostom, having led many lost souls on the path of repentance to God with thy many fiery words.

Rejoice, having enlightened the souls and hearts of all those who honor thee, with thy writings.

Rejoice, having directed to pray for one’s enemies.

Rejoice, having prayed for thine own enemies with warm love.

Rejoice, having taught us to recognize the scourge of God toward our correction in those who attack.

Rejoice, having presented the tears of Ezekiel and purification of Manasseh to the spiritual eyes of the repentant.

Rejoice, having depicted the podvigs and labors of the ancient ascetics in thy divinely wise works.

Rejoice, having imitated them in thy life completely.

Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 9

The entire angelic army and choir of holy hierarchs marveled, beholding thee, the new God-pleaser, beaming with great labors and podvigs. And we, blessing thee, cry out to God who glorified thee: Alleluia!

Ikos 9

Thou didst depart unto a new laborious obedience at a remote region of our fatherland, O holy hierarch Ignaty, when the archiepiscopal staff from the Pre-eternal Archbishop, our Lord Jesus Christ, was entrusted to thee by the Archpastor of the royal city in the Kazan cathedral of the Heavenly Queen. Understanding in this the will of God- that the Gospel of His Kingdom should be preached in a foreign country, we humbly call to thee:

Rejoice, having received the grace of God abundantly in ordination.

Rejoice, having fulfilled the Apostolic teachings and having given all of the faithful to drink of its saving streams.

Rejoice, faithful laborer in the vineyard of Christ.

Rejoice, spiritual lute, perfected by the Holy Spirit.

Rejoice, divinely inspired adornment of hierarchs.

Rejoice, for thy beloved Lord spoke by thy mouth.

Rejoice, for although having left thy spiritual flock in the monastery of venerable Sergius, thou didst not forget any in thy prayers.

Rejoice, merciful intercessor for all of the faithful and unfaithful who call on thee for help.

Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 10

Overburdened by the bodily infirmities and podvigs of life, thou didst retire to the monastery of holy Nicholas on the river Volga, O holy hierarch Ignaty, desiring to prepare thy soul for departure from this world, where finishing thy days in unceasing prayer and divine contemplation, thou didst sing aloud to God: Alleluia!

Ikos 10

Thou wast a quick helper and comforter, O holy hierarch Iganty, not only for those who came to thee, but also for those living far away, comforting them with thy letters, cheering and enlightening their souls. Wherefore, all those who honor thy divinely wise works proclaim to thee:

Rejoice, our good shepherd.

Rejoice, having never turned away those who came to thee.

Rejoice, having embraced those requesting thy help, near and far, with thy love.

Rejoice, having reverently admitted those who honor thy writings into intimate unity with thy soul.

Rejoice, having taught thy spiritual offspring Christian patience.

Rejoice, having directed us to look for God’s Providence in our sufferings.

Rejoice, having taught thy children to give way to Providence completely.

Rejoice, having preached that we should request of God, the perfection of His will in us, as great mercy.

Rejoice, O Holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 11

Thou didst offer the all-compunctionate song to the Most Holy Trinity each day of thine earthly life, O all-praised Ignaty. And now standing before the Throne of the King of Glory, pray for us, who honor thy holy memory, that purified by prayers and repentance, together with thee, we may praise God unto the ages of ages: Alleluia!

Ikos 11

In thy life, thou wast a great luminary of the Holy Orthodox Church, O holy hierarch Ignaty, wherefore the Lord, the Ruler of All, gave thee a blessed end and glorified thee in the Heavens. We beseech thee, O merciful holy hierarch, to request, on behalf of us sinners, too, who pray for thy help and intercession, a peaceful and painless end to our lives, a good answer at the Terrible Judgment of Christ and the inheritance of the Heavenly Kingdom, that we might joyfully call to thee:

Rejoice, having marked the righteousness of thy life with a righteous end.

Rejoice, having foreseen thine imminent departure.

Rejoice, having met the Heavenly Bridegroom with the lamp of thy soul burning.

Rejoice, having beheld the resurrection of the Savior with the myrrh-bearing women at thine end.

Rejoice, having withdrawn none of thine intercession for those who honor thy repose.

Rejoice, having covered all those who zealously pray to thee with thy grace and care.

Rejoice, having taught thy children to hold firm to the one true holy Orthodox faith.

Rejoice, having stricktly forbidden to accept any heretical delusion or attend crafty persuasion.

Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 12

Grace was given to thee from God, O holy hierarch of Christ Ignaty, to pray for us and guide us on the path of salvation, that purified by repentance, we might be admitted to the most well-adorned bridal chamber of the Savior, and there, with thee and with all those sanctified by God, joyfully praise Him: Alleluia!

Ikos 12

Chanting hymns unto God, Who is wondrous in His saints, we praise thee, O blessed Ignaty, as a friend of Christ, having acquired the heavenly blessedness by the unwavering working of the Lord’s commandments. Pray for us sinners, that we may be fellow partakers of the Lord’s banquet, who compunctionately call to thee:

Rejoice, having acquired the Heavenly Kingdom with thy deep humility, with poverty of spirit.

Rejoice, having preached that we should lay this virtue as the foundation of all monastic podvigs.

Rejoice, having been consoled by the Lord Himself in crying over thy sins.

Rejoice, having received the inheritance of eternal life for thy meekness of soul.

Rejoice, having searched not for perishable food on earth, but rather the truth of Christ, which now completely fills thee in the heavens.

Rejoice, having been pardoned by God the Giver of Mercy, for thy mercy toward thy neighbors.

Rejoice, having beheld God by thine angelic purity of heart.

Rejoice, having forgiven thy slanderers for the Lord’s sake, and as a peacemaker, having been awarded the great treasure of adoption by God.

Rejoice, O holy hierarch Ignaty, thou model and teacher of repentance and prayer!

Kontakion 13

O wonderful saint of Christ, O holy hierarch Father Ignaty! Accept this service which, although small, is nonetheless, brought to thee from the hearts of those who love and honor thee, and deliver us by thine all-powerful intercession from every grievance, illness and sorrow; warm our souls which have been cooled, with the fire of faith and love towards God; grant us repentance before the end; be a guide for us to the Heavenly Kingdom, that there with thee and all those who have pleased God, we may sing to Him unto the ages of ages: Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia!

Repeat this Kontakion three times (thrice) and then, repeat the 1st Ikos and 1st Kontakion.

Prayer to Holy Hierarch Ignaty

O great and wonderful saint of Christ, O holy hierarch Father Ignaty! Mercifully accept our prayers brought to thee with love and thanksgiving! Hear us orphaned and helpless ones, who bow down before thee with faith and love and request thy warm intercession for us before the Throne of the God of Glory. We know, that the prayer of a righteous man availeth much, to win the Master’s favor. Thou didst have an ardent love for the Lord from thy youth and having desired to serve Him alone, thou didst consider all the beautiful things of this world as nothing. Denying thyself and having taken up thy cross, thou didst follow Christ. Thou didst voluntarily take upon thyself the narrow and most-sorrowful path of monastic life, and on this path thou didst acquire great virtues. With thy writings thou hast filled the hearts of men with deep reverence and submissiveness before the Almighty Creator, and fallen sinners with thy wise counsels in consciousness of thy nothingness and sinfulness, and taught them to flee unto God in repentance and humility, while reassuring them with hope in His mercy. Thou didst never turn away those who came to thee, but thou wast a kind and loving father and pastor to all. And now, do not abandon us, who earnestly pray to thee and entreat thy help and intercession. Obtain for us, from our Lord Who loveth mankind, spiritual and physical health, establish our faith, strengthen our power, utterly exhausted in the temptations and grievances of this age; warm with the fire of prayer our hearts which have been cooled, help us, who are being cleansed by repentance, to receive a Christian end to this life and to enter the most well-adorned bridal chamber of the Savior with all of the elect, and there, together with thee, to bow down to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit unto the ages of ages. Amen.


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